Over the past six years, CORe Architects have worked tirelessly to establish themselves as one of the leading Dublin based Architectural firms in the residential sector, having produced a number of breathtaking designs from all corners of Ireland, with a couple of other projects situated in Europe. 

Working closely with people from the early stages of the design process, right through to the final stages of the construction phase, we thrive off the satisfaction of our clients and design each individual project to suit the clients needs, while at the same time, bringing their ideas and visions to life.

See some of our residential projects below. 

Sandymount Housing Scheme

We are currently in the final construction phase of a housing scheme to construct 25 new dwellings in the heart of Sandymount. The project has been delayed due to COVID-19.


Situated in the heart of Rathmines, this Victorian redbrick is a protected structure which was completely restored and refurbished to bring to market.


This detached house was completely refurbished and extended. The opportunity was taken to use the side garden to build a detached house which is currently on site.


This modest farm house with a larger site was completely refurbished and extended. The building's form are series of modern blocks to create typical farmhouse courtyard, The blocks are linked with single storey connections.


This small bungalow was refurbished and extended to create a connection with the garden and driveway. The circular glazed extension allowed the courtyard to maintained while having a smooth impact on the boundary line. Given the orientation of the site the curve exploits the natural daylight.


The semi-detached was completely reorganised internally and extended to the rear and side to form a large family home.